What is an H1-B Visa?

It is a non-immigrant visa or temporary worker’s permit for highly skilled foreign workers who have at least a Bachelor’s Degree tasked to perform a particular job in the U.S. that requires certain set of skill set for a complex job description. In some instances, those who do not have the Bachelor’s Degree may also qualify provided they have extensive work experience related to the offered position and can show to the USCIS that their work-related experience is equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree.

The H1-B holder can work in the U.S. for three (3) extendible for another three (3) years only. There are instances in under the American Competitiveness of the Twenty First Century Act of 2000 (AC 21) wherein the 6 year statutory limitations can be extended. Filing is accepted only starting April 1st of each year. There are limited slots for this type of visa and it is therefore imperative you get in touch with a quick, experienced and honest immigration attorney who can act on your case immediately.

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