What services do you perform under this practice area?

We provide all contracts and documents such as business contracts, private contracts, Special Power of Attorneys, General Power of Attorneys, Affidavits, Declarations and many others.

We also do contract review of an already prepared contract that the other party wants you to sign in order to help you understand the terms and conditions of the contract you are about to sign and to advise you on their ramifications. We shall make recommendations on how to revise the contract to make it fair and reasonable to all parties concerned and of course, to protect the interest of the client.

We assist you in contract negotiation and contract drafting. Contract negotiation takes a lot of expertise and a certain mindset and attitude to arrive at your client’s best interest. The attorney must be fully aware of the governing law, what the clients wants and desires to be achieved, the legal limits of the terms and conditions of the contract and must be ready to aggressively advance the interests of the client without jeopardizing the business transaction. On the other hand, Contract Drafting is very crucial because all the things agreed during the negotiation stage must now be reduced into writing truly reflective of the terms and conditions earlier agreed upon. The words must be carefully crafted to protect the interest of the client in the even of litigation. Thus, it is best to engage the services of an attorney who has litigation background so that the client’s interests will be amply protect should litigation ensures. Our Attorney has prepared hundreds of contracts and was a former litigation lawyer. We need not say more.

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